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Stunt Cordination

We work with some of the best stunt master in the industry, who had worked on Hollywood projects,

Like, Hang Over 2, Rambo, Tomyam Koong, 

Bnagkok Knock Out ect.





   Kiang  (Pro and Agent for this Stunt Master)



   Call me in 0876781346 

Stunt and Effect Co-ordination for Project Strike back, Hollywood Project 
in Krabi.

With Fight Master Kaicha, in Bangkok for Location selection.
Stunt Co-ordination by Samret..
Tom Yam Kung 2 Fight Master

Note: Entire Bike fight on the Terrance is done by Samret, 
Thai Film Services co.,Ltd can Line produce the same fight for you, 
or your project . Contact us 

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