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Our Services

*Budgeting (and for features, scheduling)

*Script review (assess possibly sensitive scenes for permissions)

*Location scouting/ securing location permits

*Arranging visas, work permits

*Securing all Government permissions


*Casting talent, extras

*Hiring freelance crew in all departments, Including Lead Role

*Renting equipment: camera, grip, lighting, etc.
our camera price Alexa Arri starts from Baht:15000 Per day

*Coordinating travel and living arrangements

*Overseeing shipping, carnet and customs clearance



*Organizing special effects equipment, rigging, pyrotechnics, crew

*Creating and/or securing props, weapons, set dressing
Assembling wardrobe

Creation, purchase, rental/ seamstresses, tailors

*Arranging transportation, picture vehicles and/ or marine requirements


*Putting together a stunt team, equipment, and rigging.

*Hiring storyboard artists, pre-visa or animatic artists.

*Arranging art department and construction setup

*Hiring a catering, craft service team

*Hiring makeup, hair, prosthetics team, supplies

*Post production services, editing, film scanning, DI, vfx.


All this at very reasonable price, Prompt polite service, 

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