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Government Permissions

To shoot in Thiland, You need to have two permission.

1) Permission letter from Thai Film Office 
2) Work permit for all your crew Members 
continuing to shoot with out this two permission is illegal in Thailand 
and 6 Months Jaiil term if found Guilty, 

Caution: Please dont do your shoot with out this permission, 
as your Line producer for this document before even commencing to shoot in Thailand, 
Many producres are unaware of this law in Thailand . for more details please call 
+66876781346 you can send whats up Picture message, its free consultation service that we provide.

Example of the Two Permission letter from Thai Film Office as Below:

The same permission Letter in Thai, This is to be carried by your Line producer during shoot in Thailand 

And Work permit for all all crew members is a Must,
including Producer, actor and actress etc..

WP 20150610 12 07 37 Pro
WP 20150610 12 01 06 Pro

Work permit was issued the next day crew arrive at Bangkok….

If you need assistance on this whats up me at +66876781346 

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