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Approvals & Permission

Ginny Takes care of all the work Permit related issues, As you can see we have somuch document to prepare to get the work permit work complete.
After submitting the papers we will get the work permit after 3 working days.

This is how your work permit will look.

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In order to Shoot in Thailand:

    First you need to have a Film facilitation company, who can co ordinate the 

work on your company behlf in Thailand,

   Permission Needed for Film Shoot in Thailand:

* Film Board Permission

* Work permit for the Film Crew,

* Location Permission

* If location belong to Government then you have get permission based on the ministry. (See example)

    When we apply for work permit, A Hard copy of the Permit is Given to crew members, so that all the crew members have to carry this work permit all times,
during the work progress.

    All Crew must apply for this permit up the same day of arrival in to Thailand
it takes one working days to issue the permit, 
Crew can start the shoot only after receiving this work permit from the Ministry of Labour in Thailand.

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