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Danush Project in Courtalam 


organised Adimurai Fight sequense at Courtalam for Danush project.

With Bengal Hero Dave, & Boxer Bobby at Kolkatta Shoot, Fighters have been arranged by ThaiFilmServices co.,Ltd

WP 20170203 19 18 27 Pro

With Arya During during his project No:48 shooting, with 15 elephant, huge setup. Project planning took 2 months, just for 4 days shoot. 

SAM 2208

Koh Samui Bar Location, with Fully Back Lit Neon Lights, full White Crowd. Baht 7000 Per Nigh only.

SAM 1949

During Song shoot in Rayong for Saval 700Cr Dollar Ka, Amazing song 

WP 20150621 16 17 48 Pro

Add Film Shoot with Elephant for Petronas Malaysia, Its a Amazing experiance to work with animals for the Add film shoot.

SAM 1723

Erawan WaterFall, Beautiful Location , During Movie shoot,

WP 20150623 08 43 27 Pro

Recent Shoot update : Location: Rayong, Movie : Saval 700 Cr Dollar Ka, Line Producer by Thai Film Services.

WP 20150621 12 30 12 Pro

Making of sagaptam in Bangkok, Where Vijaykanth Acted, Line Produced by 
A.M.Rafi On Location: 17.July.2015 Movie Release 02.April.2015

Line producer Bangkok, Thailand, for Vijaykanth Sagaptham Movie year 2015 - YouTube

With Captain in Sagaptam Shoot, Line Produced by A.M.Rafi
on 20-11-2014

Line producer Bangkok, Thailand, for Vijaykanth Sagaptham Movie year 2015 - YouTube
20150528 165855
20141127 100945

Stunt Sene direction in Bangkok, For the Movie Sagaptam

Saval 700Cr Dollar Ka “Pakistani Project” In Bangkok Bar 

WP 20150609 10 46 07 Pro

During Add Film Shoot at Koh Samui Island, With ElePhant on the wild.

SAM 1802-s
SAM 1798-s

Its was a Beautiful Shot with Elephant at Koh Samui Island.

With Producer Sutish at Sagaptam Movie Making, in Bangkok ThailandWith Javeed sheik during Movie Shoot in Thailand, 

SAM 1981

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