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Animals for Shoot

Tiger Pub for film shoot in Thailand, 100% trained tiger pub

Trained money for Movie shoot and add film shoot in Thailand

Mangolian Falcon eagle for shoot in Thailand, Its fully trained eagle, 
can hit, carry, and hit on fly, for more details call +668-767-81346

SAM 1684

Elephants for Shoot in Bangkok, Thailand.
Small elephant for Shoot Age only 3 years. Only 3 years, can do anything

SAM 1673
SAM 1672

Need Big elephant for, 

SAM 1665

We have battalian of elephant for Shoot.

SAM 1659

Battalian of elephant in Thailand, can preform to your expectations 

SAM 1657

Huge elephat, fully dressed up for shoot .

SAM 1655

we have cat, snake, Lion , Chimpangi and Tiger for Film and Movie shoot in Thailand, bangkok 


Lion & Tiger for Rent … Our production with animals A

P 20170822 124835

We Have Snake for Your Film Shoot, Can perform to any level of acting 

P 20170824 123141

Reference Number for this snake shoot: 8169433880

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